See why Singapore loves PowerPops

Our mission is to make healthy eating habits stress-free for you, and to make eating healthy and fun for your kids.
Minnie – Mom of 1

“PowerPops are the perfect healthy, delicious and satisfying snack for a growing
child. Not cloyingly sweet and super nutritious. I don’t have to worry when my
daughter asks for more!”

Honey – Mom of 3

“I’m happy they think like Mums, its delicious and full of good stuff.”

Martina – Mom of 1

“We are what we eat! Hippocrates said several centuries ago and this phrase is
still relevant! As a mom I care a lot about what Alma (my daughter) eats and
PowerPops are for sure healthy and good for her!”

Parmeet – Mom of 2

“Don’t let the size of PowerPops deceive you- it’s big on health and even bigger on taste and happiness!”

Casie – Mom of 2

“My kids went from sneaking behind my back for sweets to grabbing for Power Pops on their own. Now, I’m sneaking in a Power Pop or two myself.”

Rachel – Mom of 3

“It was love at first sight for us! The colourful popsicles taste just as good as they look! For a family who loves sweet treats, these natural handmade healthy yoghurt popsicles are definitely a more nutritious option for us! Once you pop a Power Pop, you definitely can’t stop!”

Featured In

“We can testify these go down a treat with kids and mamas alike!”

Common Questions

Nope. PowerPops are made from ingredients you would find in your own kitchen – nothing from a lab nor does it have any form of additives or preservatives. 

You know, all that stuff you can’t even pronounce.  

100 % natural, fresh ingredients.

Since we don’t use any additives, preservatives or yucky stuff for your gut, the shelf life is at 6 weeks.

We always make a new batch of Pops every time there is a new order.

No, the size we use helps for getting tummies and minds in the habit of portion control both for kids and adults alike

We do not add any artificial sweeteners. To adapt your young one’s palette a natural alternative to sugar is used. We use honey and fruits!

When the fresh fruit batches are too sour we do add 1-2 grams of cane sugar.

If you require a completely sugar free batch, please reach out and we’ll customise your PowerPops just for your family. 

For single orders, delivery is a flat $10 fee.

For subscription plans and orders over $60…it’s FREE!

Since we’re living all under the hot Singaporean sun, we’ve designed for little mouths to eat without making a mess. More importantly, we formulated each pop to train for proper portion control. 

Fake food is cheap. You won’t find any fillers, gelatin or things you can’t pronounce in your pops.

Only natural fresh ingredients.

We make every batch on demand. The shelf life of your orders are 6 weeks. But chances are they won’t last that long in your freezer. 

We offer a starter box, PowerMix, to taste all of our flavours. Plus, you can find our pops sold with our partners at the American Club, Hollandse Club, Chinese Swimming Club, The Camden Hill Restaurant & Bar

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